Cindy Horovitz Wilson, a resident of Wickford Rhode Island, has been making photographs of Rhode Island since 1976. She earned her BA from the University of Rhode Island in 1978, studied briefly at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and received her Masters of Fine Art from Tyler School of Art of Temple University in 1984.

After 20 years in wedding photography and three years operating a gallery in Wickford, Cindy began teaching photography in local classes and to travel groups in 2009. She has led travel photography workshops in various locations in New England and around the world.

Cindy continues to develop her own signature style of making images, observing and capturing her subjects with authenticity and dignity. She exhibits in local art festivals and with many photography organizations.


Artist Statement

It was said to me once: “You will always photograph because it is your passion.”I find myself drawn to rugged coastlines, still waters, weather beaten architecture and urban decay. The feelings of a timeless presence, paying homage to the ephemeral quality of light and passages as metaphor are constant inspirations in my work.

Vernacular Architecture is an ongoing theme in my work. I am curious about the stories of what came before me, colored with nostalgia of an intriguing time past. I am moved by a sense of presence, spirituality and a timeless quality. This sentiment is manifest in how one decorates a structure to create individuality.

Vernacular architecture speaks also of innovation, and how the formations of utilitarian design embody the spirit of man’s ingenuity. I fall under the spell of faded paintings on buildings, billboards, as well as period innovations like gas pumps and clocks.
My images also speak of entropy, the reclaiming of these spaces and structures by the forces of time and nature. 

Discovering the unique, finding the extraordinary in the mundane, honoring the forgotten and recording the soon to change fuel my journey.