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Created 19-Feb-16
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Our Profundo Journeys group of 14photographers traveled from Genoa to Pisa with stops in Rapallo, Portofino, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Portovenere and Pisa. We hiked in the mountains, between towns, explored the labyrinth passages of the villages, rode ferries and trains, and took in the sweet sea airs we were never far from. All along the way we enjoyed the visual treasures, fine local wines, food, image sharing and friendship. The photographs in this gallery explore the vast panoramic seascapes and details of daily life.
Portovenere, First ViewManarolo MoonriseManarolo View_CHW0170 copy_CHW0298 copy_CHW0276 copy_CHW0081 copy_CHW0196 copy_CHW0213 copyGun Turret, Monterosso_CHW0133_CHW0059 copy_CHW0265 copy_CHW0289 copy_CHW0004 copy_CHW0403 copy_CHW0020 copy_CHW0067bw_CHW0039 copy_CHW0078 copy

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