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Created 24-May-13
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Our ​2017 Profundo Journeys photography tour in Cuba took us to Camaguey, Gibara, Baracoa and Havana. These destinations offered great variety. Our first stop, Camaguey featured visits to local arts organizations and tours of architecturally significant buildings. We wandered the maze like streets at our own pace, meeting people and marveling at their resilient way of life. Our next stop was the intimate, small fishing village of Gibara. We arrived on the anniversary of their 200th year (even marching in the town parade), and spent time getting to know this town that was quintessentially Cuba. We shared in the devastation of Baracoa (she was literally in the eye of the storm, Hurricane Matthew) but also experienced her natural beauty along her rivers and shoreline. Our last visit was to Havana, the intense capital city with her city squares and close neighborhoods. It seemed like Havana was always active and awake. We stayed in the heart of Habana Vieja, stepping out the front door was to step into everyday Cuban life.
As always, we were welcomed warmly by the Cuban people and allowed to share in their lives. Those who have so little give so much.
Clouds over HavanaProfundo Journeys CubaWaves along the Malecon, HavanaProfundo Journeys CubaFisherman, HavanaFishing at Dawn, HavanaA Fisherman on the Malecon, HavanaCastillo de la Real Fuerza, HavanaProfundo Journeys CubaConversations by the Convent, Havana ViejaProfundo Journeys CubaProfundo Journeys CubaProfundo Journeys CubaFour Doors, HavanaOne Painted Apartment, VedadoTwo Doors, HavanaProfundo Journeys CubaStairway, ReglaMason's Door, HavanaBlue Doors, Havana

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