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Created 27-Jan-14
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The images in this gallery are from two trips made to Prague and the Czech Republic with Profundo Journeys Photography Workshops. On the itinerary were Prague, Marianske Lasne, Cesky Krumlov, Mikulov, Kutna Hora and Terrazin.
Spire Silhouette,  Prague, Czech RepublicSilhouettes at Sunrise, Charles bridge_922,  Prague, Czech RepublicOverview_28, Prague, Czech RepublicAutumn_240,  Prague, Czech RepublicWedding Couple,  Prague, Czech Republic_CHW1129_CHW1143Dusk Reflections_216,  Prague, Czech Republic_CHW0228IMG_0049 copy_CHW0244_CHW0231 copy_CHW0076_CHW0054 copy_CHW0084_CHW0050_CHW0035_CHW0055_CHW0059_CHW0091

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