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Created 24-May-13
106 photos

Winter Sunrise, NarragansettWinter Sunrise with Sea Smoke, NarragansettSmoking Waves, NarragansettBarge in the Sea Smoke, NarragansettSmokey Surf, NarragansettTranslucence, NarragansettWave Set, NarragansettSurfer at Sunrise, Narragansett, RISurf at Daybreak, NarragansettA Slow Field of Stones, Narragansett RIDunes Club at Daybreak, NarragansettCrescent Moon at Daybreak, NarragansettFirst Light, NarragansettNarragansett Towers in magic lightTowers with Surf, Narragansett, RISnow Squall at Sunset, NarragansettBeach Fence Magic, NarragansettAncient Pilings at Low Tide, Narragansett PierPier Stubbs, Narragansett BeachStones and Stubbs, Narragansett

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