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Created 24-May-13
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Ancient Pilings at Low Tide, Narragansett PierAncient Pilings at Sunrise, Narragansett, RISurfer at Sunrise, Narragansett, RIA Field of Stones at Low Tide, Narragansett, RIA Slow Field of Stones, Narragansett RISurf at Daybreak, NarragansettCrescent Moon at Daybreak, NarragansettSnow Squall at SunsetWalker at Daybreak, NarragansettSeawall, NarragansettPath to the Beach, Sand Hill CoveNarragansett beach with snowWinter Winds, NarragansettFirst Light, NarragansettNarragansett Towers in magic lightTowers with Surf, Narragansett, RIFirst Light, NarragansettMorning Stroll, NarragansettTranslucence, Narragansett

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