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Connecting Words and Images

Travel Photography and Writing

North Kingstown Arts Council

Noel Roby & Cindy Wilson


This class will consist of four sessions exploring the art of travel photography and accompanying text.

Purpose: to give travelers the skills necessary for a more full experience while traveling to locations near and far. A travel blog includes your photos, your words, sometimes your emotions and helps share your experience on many sensory levels. Take a photo of father and son working in a field, or a woman picking fresh basil for her sauce, or crowded fish market in a busy capital city. Now what is going on around these people, what do you observe? Is it daytime or night? What about the landscape or the buildings or the homes surrounding them? Be descriptive; use adjectives that arouse the senses of your reader. Sharing your story & your photos helps the local economy of remote cities, villages, and islands that people often travel to. It encourages your reader to learn more about the area and perhaps to visit these places and cultures themselves.

Photography component: Composition, story telling in images and basic camera settings

Writing: Learning to pay attention to the details, emotions and experiences

The class will address putting words and images together; blogging, photo essays and books, culminating in the students presenting their travel project to the group. We will utilize the five computers belonging to the NKAC, with each computer being shared by two people. Students may also bring their own laptop computers.


Dates: Monday evenings 11/20, 11/27, & 12/4, 12/11

6-8 PM

Studio of Cindy Wilson photography

Maximum students: 10

Minimum students: 6

Cost: $60 for NK residents; $100 non-residents