Exploring the Basics: Unlocking the Mysteries of your Digital Camera

South County Art Association

October 16- November 6, 2018

5-7 PM

Do you have a new DSLR, point & shoot, bridge or smart phone camera? How many times have

you tried to comprehend the camera manual only to be frustrated and shoot on automatic? 

Learn all about terminologies, settings, menus and how to make better photographs in this four-session course.

We start with the pixel…the building block of a digital file and move up through files sizing,

ISO, white balance, depth of field and capturing motion. We will explore light, buttons, menus,

focusing and metering techniques, through class instruction, assignments and slide show

discussions of your work.

Sit back and learn to use your camera; and you'll be ready to take on the world with your

newfound knowledge!


SCAA members $150

Non-members $185

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