The Outports of Newfoundland

Fogged in FogoFogged in Fogo


Dates: This workshop is postponed until May/June 2022

please stay tuned for updates

Scheduled to coincide with the potential iceberg migration past the islands…

Who wouldn't be interested in traveling to a remote outport in the Canadian maritimes with village names like Tilting

and Joe Batt's Arm? For centuries, the islands of Newfoundland were home to bountiful cod fishing grounds. In 1995, a

moratorium on commercial cod fishing was enacted, thereby denying most islanders a way to provide for their families.

Many moved away. What is left is a living museum of vernacular architecture and those who were too tied to the land to

leave. Islands like Fogo now are finding an economic ray of hope through tourism.

In the early summer, the waters around Fogo and Twillingate can be filled with floats of ice. These mammoths

dwarf the outer reaches of the coastline, and there is no better vantage point than Twillingate.


The proposed itinerary begins on June 15, with flights arriving from Boston to Gander. The cost of the flight is

yours (they look to average around $500 RT). We begin the next morning driving to Twillingate ‘The Iceberg

Capital of the World. We explore this island for the next three days.

From Twillingate we go by ferry to Fogo Island and spend the next four days there, leisurely exploring the remote

fishing villages known as outports.

We return to Gander saying farewell to those leaving for the US, and continue as an optional extension of the

itinerary on our way south to St John’s.

With this custom itinerary, we will be able to visit and spend time in a few chosen spots.

I envision this trip more as a retreat. There will be optional photo instruction & critique. The real bonus will be unlimited

time in our daily destination...time to do a more meditative type of image making. Our visits will be high in

quality and less in quantity. 

Days will be in the field visiting places like Tilting, Joe Batt’s Arm and

Back Harbor…and these visits will be leisurely to ensure complete immersion in your creative growth as well

as meeting local Newfoundlanders who are only too happy to engage in conversation..

It will be a small intimate group, with the emphasis to grow in creative expression in a safe travel environment. I

for one am really looking forward to this opportunity to explore and connect with our cameras.

Tuition $2995 for 6 participants; includes lodging, breakfast, 2 dinners, airport transfers,

ground transportation, ferry rides and instruction.

A $500 deposit secures your seat on an adventure to this hospitable and remote corner of the world.

Maximum number of participants 6


Please contact me at [email protected]



Abandoned Stage, Island Harbor, Fogo IAbandoned Stage, Island Harbor, Fogo I