Ledge RoadLedge RoadThis image was taken during a four part on the road photography class with the South County Art Association in June 2015. Take Better Pictures...Now!

Cindy Wilson Photography

650 Ten Rod Road in the Rodman Mill Building

Two Monday evenings, August 17 & 24, 2015, 6-8


Class limited to 6 students

Register at: [email protected]


Learn to take photographs you can be proud of! The settings on your DSLR are demystified through hands exploration, assignments, and photography practice in the field. Learn to understand exposure; ISO, aperture and shutter speed, focus and metering modes, white balance, and countless tips from Cindy's years of professional experience. Along with the technical, discover your unique way of seeing and how to create images the way you visualize them. Small class size insures individualized attention.


Cindy MentorringCindy Mentorring