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The 2024 Newfoundland Photo Experience

Profundo Journeys

Cindy Wilson


This is your invitation to join an immersive photography and cultural adventure. In June 2024, we will journey to the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. The Avalon Peninsula is home to the capital city of St Johns offering historic architecture, arts, and traditional entertainment. The Avalon also is home to St Mary’s Ecological Reserve, miles of dramatic coastline and resilient outports.

The intention of the trip is twofold: an immersion into the culture, history and lifestyle of our destinations and the opportunity to make deeper images with our cameras, journals, and brushes. Going early in the season avoids the rush of tourism and also increases our chances of seeing icebergs.

There are three hubs from which we will launch our daily explorations: St Johns (4 nights), Placentia (3 nights) on the west side of the peninsula, Ferryland (three nights), far to the east and back in St Johns for the last three days. . These locations put us closer to the places we will visit for our expeditions, without hours on the road. We will stay in bed and breakfasts with local entrepreneurs, hearing their stories and recommendations for off the beaten path locations perfect for photographing. All the while making lifelong friends with your fellow travelers and the Newfoundlanders we meet along the way.


Dates: June 6-19, 2024

Locations: St Johns, Placentia & Ferryland on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland

Cost: A preliminary estimate of $4295 per person. This covers lodging, breakfasts, instruction, boat rides, some ground transportation and three dinners.

Not included: Airfare, some ground transportation, additional meals

Maximum number of guests: 7

Level of proficiency: all are welcome no matter the device


Please contact Cindy Wilson for registration, deposit and further information.


[email protected]