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Created 11-Sep-18
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This gallery contains images of our exhibition 'Cuba through an American Lens' displayed in the local cigar factory as part of the Festival Internacional de Cine de Gibara.
Shadow Boxing, Gibara Exhibition PrintEarly Morning Rounds, Gibara, Exhibition PrintMorning Shadows, Gibara, Exhibition PrintSidestreet at Sunrise, Gibara, Exhibition PrintDriving into the Future, Habana Centro, Exhibition PrintGirl in the Green Doorway, Camaguey, Exhibition PrintMan in the Double Doors, Habana Vieja, Exhibition PrintFrank, Gibara, Exhibition PrintMan in the White Stag Hat, Gibara, Exhibition PrintMario, Gibara, Exhibition PrintRolando, Gibara, Exhibition PrintGreta in the Doorway, Gibara, Exhibition PrintDonato, Gibara, Exhibition PrintFritter Man, Habana, Exhibition PrintAtlas Sewing Machine, Gibara, Exhibition PrintOnions and Eggs, Camaguey, Exhibition PrintThree Amigos, Gibara Exhibition PrintPlein Aire Barber, Habana Vieja, Exhibition PrintPoor Boy, Habana Centro Exhibition PrintVinales Farmer, Exhibition Print

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