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Created 13-Aug-21
43 photos

Bass Rock LayersBlack Point, NarragansettRocks at the Mouth of Narrow RiverSunset Clouds, GalileeOcean VentureLooming out of the Mist, GalileeFishing Boat in the Mist, GalileeNewton Reflections, NarragansettPier Surf, NarragansettPoint Judith RainbowNarragansett beach with snowPath to the Beach, Sand Hill CoveA Field of Stones at Low Tide, Narragansett, RIAncient Pilings at Sunrise, Narragansett, RISurfer at Sunrise, Narragansett, RIFogged In, Point JudithSurf at Daybreak, NarragansettWalker at Daybreak, Narragansett

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