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Created 23-Feb-18
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September of 2009 began the amazing story of Profundo Journeys, a collaboration between Rhode Island photographers Eileen McCarney Muldoon and Cindy Horovitz Wilson. We chose the name Profundo, which means 'deep' and 'profound' in the Italian language, in commemoration of our first trip to Italy. We wanted to provide an immersive travel and photography experience to participants; we set up the itinerary & logistics and they explored and grew through photography. For seven years, we brought photography groups all over the world and to local New England locations. The instruction was hands on, the itineraries featured off the beaten path to areas where interaction with the local people was made possible.
In those seven years, Profundo Journeys traveled internationally to Italy twice, Greece, Hungary, Austria, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Peru, the Azores and Lisbon, Vietnam, Cambodia and Cuba five times. Many participants traveled on multiple trips, and life long bonds of friendship were forged.
Our last trip together was in the fall of 2016.
We have both continued independently with our love of photography, travel and teaching.
San Mauro, 2009Profundo Journeys, Greece, 2011Hungary 2012Hungary 2012Hungary 2012Hungary 2012Vietnam, 2014Camaguey, Cuba 2017Camaguey, Cuba, 2018Holguin, Cuba 2018Vietnam 2017Can Tho, VN, 2014Vietnam, 2014Maine 2012New Hampshire, 2013Williamstown, 2014Weasel Coffee, Hanoi, 2014Vietnam 2014Vietnam, 2014

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