Snapshots to Great Shots

South County Art Association

Tuesdays: November 20, 27, December 4, & 11, 2018; 5-7 PM

Cindy Horovitz Wilson


What qualities elevate a good photograph to a moving evocative image? Why do some images

move you more than others?

Patience and awareness are two frames of mind that can lead to stronger images. Visualizing

the final piece as well as capturing the emotion and experience involved at the moment of

inception are other important stages of growth. These take time and practice.

You will be presented with the technical and art of photography steppingstones that can

enable the process in this series of classes. Topics may include:

Visual metaphor

Masters of photography

The use of light

The use of appropriate shutter speed and f-stop


SCAA members $150

Non-members $185


Students should have a working knowledge of their camera

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