Zooming Down the Road Again

Mondays & Tuesdays, August 10 - September 1

5 - 7 PM (8 classes)

Eight classes, four locations, four new techniques each week. Because of the practice of social distancing guidelines, this class will be expanded to two sessions each week;

Mondays classes will be online for critiques and Tuesdays class will be in the field shooting.

To register contact the Wickford Art Association

Zooming Down the Road Again is an excellent photography class for photographers at all levels of experience. 

This class provides a combination of on-line instruction, photo critique and application in the real world.   The instruction portion focuses on areas essential to creating a good image and includes camera settings and photograph  techniques; and exposure, composition and visualization. 

The locations selected for the in-field application of the techniques discussed in the instructions are great and the students are able to visit many areas of RI that are perfect to photograph.


Cindy has a unique ability to seamlessly integrate students of all levels into her instruction and support for in-field photo sessions.  

-a student review of the July 2020 class